Director, Content Design


Instagram: @masterwilliams 

Gary has worked as a professional photographer for nearly a decade. His journeys have taken him from coast to coast in the United States to the Serengeti in Africa. Gary has been featured both as a model, and photographer in GQ magazine and has served as a campaign catalyst for some of the best known brands in America. 

Trivell Miller | Lead Cinematographer


Trivell Miller is a Cinematographer based in Washington, DC. As an artist, he is responsible for conceptualizing, shooting, and editing digital media content for clients. It's rare to see him without his camera and his commitment to creating quality work sets him apart from most Cinematographers. 

Trivell is a graduate of Bowie State University, holding a B.S. in Marketing



Director, Content Strategy

Instagram: @tamon_

Tamon has worked as a digital strategist and analyst for more than five years and completed his MBA with a focus on digital strategy. Tamon, originally from Canada, has a diverse background in digital strategy and content creation as a photographer and social media campaign strategist.

Paris Hines | Relationship Manager & Business Development

Paris has been heavily involved in marketing in DC, NYC, and LA in both the music and nightlife industries. She has worked as a creative director, industry brand manager, project and events manager. 

Paris has a strong background in networking and relationship building, and has a proven track record of executing complex strategic visions at a high level. 


Why We Work

A diverse voice means diversity in customers. We bring together perspectives from multiple angles to form strategies that transcend borders -  real and perceived. Our in-house production team and researchers think and create ahead of the curve, setting (not following) trends because of their early adopter mindset. We understand, we build, and we grow businesses that care about their customers. 

For us, our relentless desire to start movements, build ideas, and start conversations has pushed us to innovate for every client we work with.

Marketing means storytelling; let your voice be heard.